Mamaw Vann's Handwritten Recipes


B Banana Split Cake Basic Pastry BBQ Sauce Bread & Butter Pickles Brined Pickles Broccoli & Chicken Breast Buttermilk Biscuits Buttermilk Pie Buttermilk Pound Cake C Carrot Cake Chicken Cacciatorie Chicken or Shrimp Strips Chicken or Turkey Casserole [Linda Pearson]_AB Chicken Tortilla Chocolate Potato Cake Cool Coconut Cake [kelly] E Egg Nog Cake Etouffe' F Friendship Cake_AB Frosted Coconut Cake [uknown] Fruit Cobbler_A Fudge Mint Pie G German Souerbraten_AB Golden Blond Brownies Granny's Pickles [not Mamaw's] Green Pickled Tomatos H Hot Fudge Sundae Cake Hot Pepper Jelly Hush Puppies I Imo's Chili Interstate 45 Cake J Jam Cake Japanese Fruit Pie Jar Cake Jiffy Cake [Verna Faye] M Microwave Fudge Microwave Peanut Brittle O Oil Pastry AB P Peanut Butter Pie with Fudge Topping Peanut Butter Pie with Fudge Topping_AB Pecan Pie Suprise Bars_AB Picante Sauce Pickeled Squash Pound Cake Prune Cake R Raison Pie Rasin Pie Real Good Chocolate Cookies(Candy) Recipe-01 Recipe-02 Recipe-03 Recipe-04 Recipe-05 Recipe-06 Recipe-07 Recipe-08 Recipe-09 Recipe-10 Recipe-11 S Sand Tarts Shrimp Dip Snicker Cake Spiced Hot Cider Spicy Grilled Catfish Squash Casserole Squash Pie Sweet & Sour Carrot Pennies [V Garrett]_AB W Wackey Cake Y Yu Soka or Sockit to me [O.F.Peters,Sr]_AB